***Please note that we are not able to accept new customers until April 2018 due to heavy demand. Our roofing and siding crews are currently booked through the end of March.  Thank you for your understanding and patience***

As Storm Riley has moved through the area, Loudoun residents are left in a heavy recovery state. During normal conditions, our office responds to 60-70 estimate calls per month. C2 Operations received over 1,000 calls since the beginning of Storm Riley (15 months of calls received in a 10 day period)  for service and currently has 6 crews repairing properties with heavy shingle damage. With the large influx of calls and requests, our most efficient scheduling of repairs will be by neighborhood and zone. We will need to identify colors and types before procuring materials which generally requires 1 trip to estimate and identify and 1 trip to repair.

Our estimators will be out and should be able to complete approx. 20 estimates each day for repairs. Repairs will follow estimate visit in approx. 1-3 weeks.

If an insurance claim has been filed, adjusters have started reaching out to schedule appointments for the adjustment. C2 Operations will not be able to meet every adjustment appointment, however, will be able to advise homeowners by phone in most cases what to report as damage if photos are available for our staff to review. Please note 2 March 2018 (Day 1 of the storm) reported around 1” of rain that day. Please check all top floor ceilings for any new stains, marks, or traces of water and report the damage to your adjuster.

In order for insurance adjusters to assess damage, repairs can’t be made prior to the adjuster’s inspection. A tarp can be installed in some cases.

In the event an adjustment does not come back favorable, C2 Operations will be able to review notes and comment on potential oversights and assist in resubmitting as applicable.

For those that get insurance repair/replacement approval, C2 Operations will be able to review your adjustment to ensure completeness of work/material take offs.

C2 Operations has prepared some notes for property owners to assist with identifying damage and pricing. The guide is meant for rough budgeting purposes and does not constitute a formal estimate due to the unknown damage of the storm that may not be visible from the ground.


Generally, 10-15 shingles blown off with vent re-nailing and pipe sealing will run under $1,000.00 to repair. There is no exact match for a sun-faded or discontinued shingle. In this event, some insurance policies will pay to replace the roof.

C2 expects to start shingle repairs in mass quantities by 12 March 2018. We will work neighborhood by neighborhood to expedite repairs.

C2 Operations will be starting shingle repair for those that are not waiting for insurance adjusters/process. C2 Operations 1st round of repairs will be for existing clients and those new clients that were recently tarped by C2 Operations since the start of the storm Riley.


If a tarp is requested, C2 should be able to install shortly after request. The tarp is a temporary measure while insurance adjusters coordinate estimates and until time of repair. For an insurance claim, adjusters need to see the damage prior to the start of repairs. Tarp fee is $400 and is generally covered by insurance as an emergency measure. Tarps are not intended for prolonged UV exposure. Expect a tarp to hold for 1-3 weeks.

Siding-Repairs and Replacements

Generally, 10-15 pieces of siding blown off will run under $1,000.00 to repair.

Please note that sun faded siding will not match new siding, and in most cases, replacing and entire wall that was damaged is the best repair option. Due to the large amount of siding manufacturers, new siding may not exactly match existing profiles.

C2 Operations installs CertainTeed, Heartland, and Mastic vinyl siding Photos emailed to our office showing the entire wall area will assist in estimate determination.

Due to existing work backlog, as of 7 March 2018, C2 Operations current siding project backlog is 3-4 weeks for repairs and full siding replacement projects.

Trim Capping

Generally, trim capping is factory color finished. The removal and replacement of trim capping requires a color match to the existing metal. In some cases, the metal has been painted over and there is no prefinished match for it.

Due to existing work backlog, as of 7 March 2018 C2 Operations current trim repair project backlog is 3-4 weeks for repairs.

As a guide-replacing up to 20’ of trim capping is generally charged at $400.00.

C2 Operations

We appreciate the consideration for work and will be working extended hours to keep up with construction demand as possible. Thank you for your patience.