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    Choose them for your roof, you’ll be glad you did.

    Hired them to replace my roof. Communication was great, they answered all of my questions and answered them quickly.

    They helped me get a bit more out of my insurance company that the adjuster missed. They showed up on time, did great work, and finished on time. Price was very competitive as well. Great experience.

    - Dan G.

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  • C2 Operations


    First C2 did a great job on our roof, they were efficient and professional. But what really impressed me was how, after a bad wind storm, they came out and replaced some shingles that were blown off. They did this without any fuss or push back, and demonstrated to me what a quality business they are. It’s easy for a business to do their best when they are working for your money, but to do the same after they had your business really speaks to their quality.

    - T.E. Dickason

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  • C2 Operations9/10/2018

    C2 was wonderful to work with and we will definitely use them again. We called them when we had a leak in our roof, and Chris came out to give us an estimate. He was very honest with what we needed and helped us negotiate the process with our insurance company. We ended up getting a whole new roof and new gutters. Jason was the operations manager of our project and made sure every detail was taken care of and that we were totally satisfied with the work. He was very responsive and they answered all of our questions along the way. They were very careful with everything from the security cameras to the lights and made sure every detail was to our satisfaction. We will definitely use them again and can’t say enough great things about this company and how they do business. Well worth it!

    - Anita D.

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  • C2 Operations 7/8/2015

    Listed in SFH Vendors You Need

    Chris and C2 Operations was referred to us by our selling agent, Chris Ognek of Q Real Estate. We needed the referral because our first contractor did the world’s worst job on a door installation and gutter repair and alignment. Folks, please, please please, listen to me when I say you hire the best, first, and get it done right. Because we tried to save a few bucks and hire “just some guy” to do it, we experienced extensive flooding and damage to our basement, all from a door installation. No, door installs are not as easy as you think. And with gutters, go with an expert, to save you additional time and more importantly, property damage. The gutters being misaligned caused flooding and damage to the landscape. The moron we hired to do the gutters before C2 used shoe ties to tie the gutters to the house!

    C2 Operations owner, Chris, was in contact with us via email. He came by to discuss the work, then sent in a very itemized scope of work he would do. It was the best contract I’ve seen laid out and includes a warranty on the work. C2 is licensed and their license information is on their invoice. Always ask for a contractor’s license information to ensure they’re legit.

    Chris and his team arrived early on a Wednesday morning to do the work. It was done quickly and efficiently. Chris showed me photos of the gutters (i wasn’t going on the ladder, bump that, boo boo kitty) and what was wrong, right, and what needs fixing now/soon/later. I appreciated the complete explanation of work so we can get to budgeting and saving money. Chris also looked at our bathroom and might do a design on it, all budget permitting, but I would hire him in a heart beat to do the remodel. I begged him to our basement, but he is the external facing repair expert! He also had alternatives to the current windows we have. I was so jet lagged that I couldn’t really get into it much, but he explained it well enough for someone in a sleep coma to understand.

    I will have additional work to do with Chris and C2 Operations including windows and gutter covers. I’ll update if anything goes crazy but I’ve been working with many contractors and this is the best company so far. Great work.

    Accepts credit cards so if you’re waiting for your house to sell and strapped for cash, you can get your gutters and door fixed ASAP 🙂

    service disabled veteran owned small business owner and marine owned.

    Door fix! We hired a not to awesome contractor. Chris and crew fixed and water proofed it. No more leaking and flooding

    Fixed our gutter issues, no longer leaking. Chris’ solution was to make a bigger drain and it looks great

    - Windi L.

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  • Justin M.
    Leesburg, VA
    C2 Operations 9/6/2015
    We had Chris come over to give us some recommendations for our gutters and roof. He was very honest and made it clear he would recommend only as much as we absolutely needed and could afford in a budget we set.
    Chris and his team did an excellent job with our gutter replacement and we will be going back to them for future projects since he has earned our trust.

    - Justin M.